mira. 21 omg. hawaii. currently studying in japan. infatuated with ridiculously pretty japanese men (sob). life is constantly being ruined by college (grr), KAT-TUN, One Piece, Owl City, Pacific Rim, and the (cough) "occasional" Supernatural.
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KAT-TUN Chain DVD Giveaway!
Since Christmas and New Years is right around the corner (I’m sorry, this was supposed to be posted way earlier alskjd), and I have an extra copy of the Chain DVD, I’ve decided to do a little giveaway! The DVD is new/unopened and full of drool-worthy KAT-TUN. ♥


  • First Press Edition: 40-page Live Photo Booklet
  • 2-discs (tracklist here)


  1. Reblog up to 5 times, a like counts as 1 extra entry. (so everyone has a fair chance)
  2. You DO NOT have to be following me, but I hope we can flail about the concert together when you get the DVD. ♥
  3. Make sure I can contact you through your askbox if you’re the winner (or I’ll have to pick another winner).
  4. Contest ends on DECEMBER 31, 2012 at 11:59PM HST (convert your timezone here); hopefully, I will be able to announce the winner within 12 hours on New Years.
  5. I can ship internationally; just please be patient for it to arrive as I live in Hawaii (which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere).
  6. If you have questions, feel free to message me. c:
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